Two articles crossed my news feed this morning… one very serious and the other not so serious.

Can you figure out which one is which?

One article was entitled, “Why Do Some People With COVID-19 Get Symptoms While Others Don’t?” Two sentences summarize the point of the article:

Recent studies suggest as many as 80 percent or more of those infected with the coronavirus are “silent carriers,” showing no or very mild symptoms.

We don’t know exactly why some people with coronavirus are asymptomatic while others develop life-threatening illness.

The other article article was entitled, “Study: 84% Of Christians Show No Symptoms Of Following Jesus.” The gist of this article is as follows:

The report states that a majority of people who say they are a “Christian” or a “follower of Jesus” did not display any of the anticipated outward signs. Study par.cipants were screened for expected marks including daily reading of God’s Word, regular prayer, belonging to a local church, tithing, choosing humility over self-righteousness, openly talking about their faith, repenting of obvious sins, and other visible fruit of fully trusting Jesus with their life.

I hope it is obvious to you which article originated from a highly esteemed and academically rigorous news source and which article originated from a highly sarcastic and satirical spoof site.

Unfortunately, both of these articles provide timely comment on high interest topics.

The possibility of being a “silent carrier” of COVID-19 is frightening. We may think we are okay, we may feel okay, but in reality, we could be infecting others with a life-threatening virus.

Likewise, the possibility of being a “silent carrier” of the Christian faith is also frightening. Can you imagine… a follower of Jesus who never shows symptoms of a changed life. They think they are okay, they may feel they are okay, but in reality, they are not affecting others with a life-saving gospel.

Symptoms are in themselves neither good nor bad, but they are indicators of an underlying condition. The Bible book of James puts it this way, “Faith without works is dead” (2:17).

We would do well to check ourselves for symptoms… and let’s not become overconfident and a danger others, if we find none.


Pastor Ken